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Natalie Hare, Professional Declutterer and Organiser

Hi. I’m Natalie Hare, a professional declutterer and organiser. Here’s just a little about me and why I started Hare To Organise:

I live in Bideford, North Devon (where I also grew up).  I am married, have 2 children and a lovely dog called ‘.

Throughout my working life, I have enjoyed a variety of jobs, training & qualifications, which have ultimately always revolved around people.  Pub Management, Teaching, Rehab Support Management, Health, Social Care & Housing.  I love to be organised and thrive on finding solutions to problems.

I haven’t always been an organised person. As a young Mum, I would often be living in chaos, stressed out and feeling like I was failing at life! Chaos really used to affect my mental health and I would often ‘crash’ when everything got too much.  Life is so busy:  We are all expected to be super human- work, keep an immaculate home, raise perfect children and generally lead a ‘picture-perfect’ life.

I have definitely learned the hard way with a lot, but I am glad that I no longer live in chaos.  I don’t live in an immaculate show home, nor am I a minimalist, but I do know that by having less stuff, keeping on top of things and knowing where to find everything when I need it, keeps me in a good place.

Though I have loved working in the roles that I have had, I always felt that I wanted to be able to do more on a practical level to help others.  I have spent many years signposting people to agencies, but quite often not being able to find quite the right fit.  Now that my daughter has grown up and my son is almost through Secondary School, the time felt right to start my own business.  I decided to train with APDO as well as taking on qualifications in counselling and coaching to enable me to help support clients in what can often be a physically and emotionally challenging time.  I meet so many people from every walk of life you can imagine and love every minute of it.

If you would like the support of a professional declutterer and organiser to help bring the calm back into your life, get in touch.

make time for the important stuff ….

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