Hare To Organise

Declutter & Organise Your Life

Do you need to declutter and organise your life?

When you get stuck in that rut (especially when it comes to clutter), it is hard to find a starting point. 

How many times have you opened that cupboard or spare room and thought ‘no, not today!’ or are too embarrassed to open the garage or shed door for the fear of what will come tumbling out?!

Does your life feel out of control?

Once things have built up and you’re feeling out of control, it can be difficult to move forward.  The sense of overwhelm can have a knock-on effect in so many areas- relationships, emotions, health (physical & mental).   

We don’t judge, we work with you to establish what you want to achieve and what will make your life easier

Make your home a better place to live in

There are many reasons that our help may be required. Not only will we continually strive to help make your home a better place to live in, but we’ll be there every step of the way to offer support & advice on how to take the steps needed to put you back in control.

  • We can help simplify your home when life is chaotic and time is limited.
  • Implement straight forward systems, not only to keep your home organised but your paperwork too.
  • ‍Work with individuals with physical or mental health illness (including hoarding disorder)
  • Work with you in times of bereavement and other life changes events
A decluttered room
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Licenced upper tier waste handler

As an upper-tier waste handler, we are licenced to take things away for you after every session which enables you to have the immediate benefit of having more space.

You don’t need to worry about numerous trips to the tip. We will take items to charity shops, recycling, or disposal.

Working with Natalie had helped me create calm and order to my house. Leading a busy life with children and a business, I struggled to find the time or energy to do the work by myself. Deciding to invest the time and money into a professional organiser has reaped huge benefits. Everyone in the household benefits from the new sense of organisation and order. Natalie is patient and very supportive and has so many ideas and great suggestions as to how to improve your home environment. It’s tailor made to suit the individual needs and that of the house. I thoroughly recommend Natalie if you would like to get organised at home!

Andrea, Barnstaple

Business Owner

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