Hare To Organise

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organiser?

Every PO is different, but basically, we are there to help you declutter and organise your environment to improve how your space and your belongings work for you

Who would use a Professional Organiser?

Anyone who wants to get organised and make more time in their lives

  • Families/Individuals/Couples/single parents
  • People wishing to downsize
  • Those who are overwhelmed by clutter
  • People going through big life changes (separation/divorce/new baby/empty nest etc)
  • Busy Professionals
  • Social Services and other agencies wanting practical help and support for their clients
  • Those thinking of putting their house on the market
  • When planning a renovation project
  • Getting a home ready for seasonal letting
  • Those affected by limited mobility
  • People experience physical and/or mental health issues
  • Individuals with Hoarding behaviours
  • Those dealing bereavement
  • When a space is not functioning efficiently
  • Are you going to get me to throw everything away?

    No!  We are there to help and guide you.  We will make suggestions, but the final decision is yours.

    Is mine the worst home you’ve ever seen?

    Every home we go into is different and every person requires our services for different reasons.  Never be embarrassed.  We don’t judge- we are there to help you find solutions.

    How long will it take/how many sessions will I need?

    We always offer a free consultation to evaluate the area in which you require our help.  Time is very much dependent on how involved you want to be and how emotionally attached you are to your belongings. 

    You may just want some help getting started and do the rest yourself, you may choose to have us from start to finish a particular project.  Some clients choose to have our service on a regular basis to keep systems going and to ensure they don’t slip back into old habits. 

    We are realistic and know from experience that plans can change when you discover things you weren’t expecting.  You may also decide once you’ve done one area, you would like to continue in others, which we will always try to accommodate.

    How much will it cost?

    Half-Day Session (up to 3 hours): From £90

    Full-Day Session (Up to 7 Hours): From £180

    Additional Hours: From £30 per hour

    Prices may vary if we require more than one PO or an assistant, additional disposal costs or any other extras which may be required to complete a project safely.


    We will require clients to pay for any necessary parking charges whilst we are working on site.


    We do not charge for fuel up to 10 miles from EX39 4EX.  Any mileage after that will be charged at 45p per mile

    Storage Solutions

    We do carry a small number of storage boxes and other solutions, which will only ever be charged to you at cost price.

    Do you have Insurance?

    Yes. We have full Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability with Westminster Global Insurance

    Are you professionally verified?

    Yes, Hare To Organise Ltd is a full member of APDO meaning that we follow a strict code of ethics, hold full insurance, registered with ICO and HMRC (company number 11562815).  All employees of Hare To Organise Ltd are also Advanced DBS certified.

    What happens to all of the stuff I don’t want?

    We will take a full carload of items to go to charity at the end of a session, free of charge.  We hold a Full Upper Tier Waste licence (CBDU276108), so can also transport waste for disposal or recycling at an additional cost.

    Is the service confidential?

    Absolutely. Anything that we see or discuss during a session is between us.

    In some cases, where we are working with other agencies, such as Housing or Health & Social Care, we will only ever discuss matters with your full, signed consent.

    We are also registered with  the ICO (Ref: ZA459248) meaning that we abide with GDPR.

    Can’t you just do it for me?

    No.  We can’t decide what you keep or give away/dispose of.  Something that has no use or meaning to us, may be valuable to you.  We are able to organise while you pop out or make a home safe and functional if someone is returning from hospital, but we won’t discard belongings without the owner’s full consent.

    Will you take photos and put them on social media?

    Only if you want us to! We do recommend before and after photos to enable you to see the progress that we have made.  We do ask clients if they would allow us to use photos for the sake of advertising and social media, but completely understand if you do not wish us to do so.  We will only ever use photo’s with your signed consent and they will always be anonymised.

    Do you work with people who have Hoarding Behaviours?

    Yes, we do. Working with individuals with hoarding behaviours needs to be approached with a great deal of empathy and understanding.  We have a person-centred approach and work at a pace that suits you.

    If required, we are also able to work with GP’s, Social workers, Emergency services, Housing, Families etc to give the best support possible whilst making the home safe and functional.

    We would always advise that you have a conversation with someone who is struggling before contacting services-  They may be relieved that someone is going to help and feel empowered to be involved from the start of the process.  We are happy to speak to you (free of charge) if you are concerned about a friend or loved one.  You can call Natalie on 07528172381 (she may be busy, so leave a message and your call will be returned) or email natalie@haretoorganise.co.uk