Hare To Organise

Multi-Agency Approach

Practical services for people in need

One of the main reasons Hare To Organise began, was because whilst working in housing, I was often left frustrated by the lack of suitable, practical services for people in need.  It can often take a long time to earn the trust of clients who have hoarding behaviors and other complex needs, so the support that is put in place needs to be right. Mass clearances can often leave people traumatised after years of collecting (especially when they haven’t been involved in the process) resulting in situations escalating and resulting in awful consequences such as eviction.

The client needs to be at the centre of everything we do. We work with empathy and compassion at a pace that is suitable for people to achieve realistic goals.  We can arrange for joint visits to be carried out with the fire service in order to prioritise safety and are happy to liaise with landlords (with clients’ permission) to make properties accessible for mandatory testing and repairs.

As well as working directly with clients, we can also provide a service to get the home ready when it is not suitable for hospital discharge or prepare to move to more suitable accommodation. We work together with families and Health & Social care teams to makes the home fit for purpose.  As well as decluttering and organising, we can arrange cleaning to ensure that the environment is clean and hygienic.

For clients who need extra support, we can provide an ongoing service to enable systems to be maintained, homes to be managed, and to encourage essential life skills for improved general wellbeing.

We work with a variety of individuals and families and are happy to discuss the needs of your client/s to see if we can help.


It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we work together

Working with Natalie at Hare To Organise, has enabled our clients in complex situations to help to manage their homes better by offering a sensitive, professional, and confidential de-cluttering service.

Lindsay Derbyshire

Social Prescriber 2020, North Devon Voluntary Services

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