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Declutter before moving house

Moving can be one of the most stressful times, but it doesn’t need to be:

Pre-move declutter: 

It is often difficult for potential buyers to see your home’s potential if it is full of your clutter.  By decluttering before you put it on the market, not only are you offering your home in its best light, but you will also reduce the amount of stuff that you need to pack and take with you.  We work with you to mindfully declutter and stage your home to show its full potential.

Packing & Unpacking:

We will carefully pack and label your belongings logically, ready for transit.  We can then unpack and set up your new home at the other end, meaning that you can avoid living, surrounded by boxes

We are happy to liaise with removal companies and trades to enable a smooth transition

Holiday Rentals: 

We can get your property ready for rental, packing up personal belongings, and making sure that your home is at peak standard, ready for your guests.  When the season is over, we can then prepare your home ready for your return.

I used Natalie to help me reorganise my house prior to renting it out for the summer 2 years ago. She was amazing. I thought I had just kept bits I really needed but she made me realise I needed to get rid of so much more! My initial thought was she is getting rid of bit that may be useful. I can tell you I have not missed one of the items she persuaded me to discard. This happened throughout the house. It really made a great difference and helped me when it was change over day as far less to move, replace,dust etc. I am moving soon and will be having Natalie back to help me reorganise my new home and show me the error of my ways again. Thanks Natalie. Forever in your dept. Professional, discrete and not expensive


Seasonal Holiday Home, Braunton

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