Lovely lady, very caring and not at all judgmental. Natalie completely transformed my home in 4 weeks.
I was untidy, unorganised and struggling to live in my home.
Now I have a place for everything and so much space.
I love my home now. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job


Bideford, August 2019

Natalie has brought order from chaos in my house in a practical and positive way. Natalie leaves you with manageable solutions helping you to keep order going forward. Natalie is thoughtful, kind and hardworking. If you are struggling with any form of domestic distress Natalie’s your woman!


Barnstaple, August 2019

I can’t thank Natalie enough for the help she has given me.  I was a bit nervous at first as I have depression and anxiety, but I really needed help as the clutter in my flat and the never ending pile of paperwork was getting me down.  I wasn’t sleeping properly as I was worried about how I was going to get organised and sort everything out.  I contacted Natalie and asked if she could help me.  She came to visit me and I knew in minutes I had made the right decision.  She is so friendly and so professional.  She explained how she could help me and we put a plan into place.  I am now sleeping better than I have done in months,  I have my paperwork under control and the decluttering is well underway.  I couldn’t have done it without Natalie’s help.  I can’t recommend her enough.  She has made a huge difference to my life


Barnstaple, November 2019

I needed my spare room- aka my ‘dumping room’ ready so that a relative could come to stay for an extended time.  I felt totally overwhelmed by the task and just kept procrastinating.  Fortunately, I came to my senses and contacted Natalie for help.  I was amazed at how quickly and professionally she was able to help me.  I could see light at the end of the tunnel within our first session.          I was concerned that she would want me to get rid of my stuff and that she would try and turn me into a minimalist, but she is gentle and respectful and still manages to bring order out of chaos.  I would highly recommend Natalie’s services- the most sensible thing I have done in a long time was to contact her for her help and advice.

Pat H

Northam, April 2019

Following a bereavement, divorce and house moves in quick succession, I found myself surrounded by disorganised chaos, unwanted clutter, all accumulating dust and moths! With three young children in tow, I was faced by an unsurmountable mountain.

I discovered APDO and my journey with Natalie begun. We have been working together once a week and I no longer face a mountain ahead but a molehill. Natalie has been instrumental in steering me in the right direction with grace, patience, understating, and a lot of empathy. When I lack enthusiasm Natalie is full of gentle persuasion, which pays many dividends when I see the tangible outcome. There is no short cut, the process can be fraught, physical and tiring at times. With Natalie’s constant encouragement the ongoing process is showing many results. Room by room, clarity of mind and overwhelming sense of achievement, each step leaves me a little lighter. None of this would have been possible without working together with my real life magic fairy that is Natalie


Bideford, May 2019

An excellent service, wish I had done this years ago. Natalie makes it so easy, works really hard and is great value for money. I feel like I am living in a different space and I have things sorted in their place, systems that I can use easily for my whole future. I can’t believe the difference and the positive impact on me is fantastic. Highly recommended


Bude, March 2020

Natalie was so kind and helpful. After our first meeting I was really excited to have her come and help me feel comfortable and relaxed in my first home. She gave me some really useful tips and ideas, which I have found easy to keep going with. You get such good value for money, I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone! I’m really looking forward to having her back to carry on! 


Bideford, March 2020

Natalie offers a brilliant service.  I’m no domestic goddess, but my homes now more organised because of Natalie’s help.  I think she doubles up as a bit of a life coach as well! I can highly recommend her 


Torrinngton, March 2020

Working with Natalie had helped me create calm and order to my house. Leading a busy life with children and a business I struggled to find the time or energy to do the work by myself. Deciding to invest the time and money into a professional organiser has reaped huge benefits. Everyone in the household benefits from the new sense of organisation and order. Natalie is patient and very supportive and has so many ideas and great suggestions as to how to improve your home environment. It’s tailor made to suit the individual needs and that of the house. I thoroughly recommend Natalie if you would like to get organised at home!


Barnstaple, March 2020

Working with Natalie at Hare To Organise, has enabled our clients in complex situations to help to manage their homes better by offering a sensitive, professional, and confidential de-cluttering service


Social Prescriber , North Devon Voluntary Services

I used Natalie to help me reorganise my house prior to renting it out for the summer 2 years ago. She was amazing. I thought I had just kept bits I really needed but she made me realise I needed to get rid of so much more! My initial thought was she is getting rid of bit that may be useful. I can tell you I have not missed one of the items she persuaded me to discard. This happened throughout the house. It really made a great difference and helped me when it was change over day as far less to move, replace,dust etc. I am moving soon and will be having Natalie back to help me reorganise my new home and show me the error of my ways again. Thanks Natalie. Forever in your dept. Proffesional, discrete and not expensive.


Braunton, June 2020